Tournament History

Since 1972 hockey tournaments have been part of our family.  The first tournament originated in Tonawanda, NY.  In 1982 the tournaments moved to Niagara Falls, NY where the Shootout Classic and Winter Ice Experience are still held today.  In the 1980s we also hosted the Playboy Miller High Life adult tournament and Top Gun youth tournament.

In 1990 my father took his youth team to Nashville to share his love for country music.  This was such a wonderful experience that in 1991 he hosted the Country & Western Showdown.  Over the years, the Country & Western influenced hockey in the Nashville and many southern states.

In August 1993, my family and the hockey community experienced a great loss with the untimely death of my father.  At that time, we received an outpour of support from the hockey community to continue his legacy. In Sept 1993, my brother and I took the role of tournament director and spent every spare moment organizing for the first tournament season.

From 1993-2000 we devoted hours of our lives to the tournaments. It was sheer emotion and love for our father that motivated us in the early years.  In 2000, we hosted the Crabtown Showdown and in 2010 the Capital Showdown in MD.  With our kids now in college, we plan to focus more on expanding the tournaments to other great hockey cities.

Brian Harrington
Head Tournament Director