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    Please enter the first and last name of each player participating in the Showdown Olympics below

    Note: skills events are separate from the relay event; players can double up for the skills and relay events, but cannot double up in any skill event as they run simultaneously

  • The Showdown

    Each team sends 1 goalie and 4 shooters. Each player shoots 2 pucks, goalies face 8 shots.

  • The Biscuit Basket

    Each team sends 2 shooters. Each player shoots 8 pucks (biscuits) into 4 mini goals (baskets).

  • The Speed Challenge

    Each team sends 2 players. Each player skates through a course of cones trying for the fastest time.

  • The Corner Shot

    Each team sends 2 players. Each player gets to shoot 8 pucks at 4 baskets placed in the corners of the goal.

  • The Speed Shot

    Each team sends 2 players. Each player gets 3 shots on goal with a radar gun, fastest time gets recorded. (Enter N/A for C&W 8U Teams)

  • The Showdown Relay

    Each team has 9 players, 1 goalie and 1 coach. Everyone skates through the course bringing back a puck from the far end of the ice.