Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all events are sanctioned by USA Hockey.

Acceptance is on a first come first serve basis so we suggest you register before or by deadline.

Please review our application process page which includes links to the registration form and online payment option.  Payment can be made using PayPal online, which includes a small processing fee.  The other option is to mail a check or money order to us. Please contact us for details.  Checks must be sent same week as application and made payable to Showdown Tournaments.

We hosts division for every classification, and at all age levels. So whether your team is a house or an elite travel team we can find a spot for your team to compete. We go beyond the typical tournament by putting every team that registers through our screening process to insure teams that are accepted can respectfully compete.

Showdown Tournaments has secured room blocks for all out-of-town teams participating in one of our tournaments. As a condition of acceptance, all out-of-town teams must stay at a host hotel at the group rate contracted by Showdown Tournaments.  Teams cannot negotiate other rates, book internet rates, or use reward points.

The hotel process begins with teams completing the hotel rooming list as part of the application process.  About 4-5 weeks prior to the tournament team managers receive a list of the hotel choices to rank in priority order.  About 3-4 weeks prior to tournament, Showdown Tournaments submits rooming list to sales contact at each respective hotel.  Shortly after that, hotel sales contact will reach out to team manager to finalize hotel rooms and needs, as well as credit cards.

Because the screening process has many phases it takes countless hours to finalize the divisions to ensure competitive play for everyone.  This screening process takes about 4-6 weeks to complete.  The schedule itself takes about 1 week to complete as many reviews are performed to ensure the schedule is error free.  Showdown Tournaments will issue schedule to rinks first for approval, then to the teams and referees.  This occurs about 2-3 weeks prior to tournament.

Each team will play at least one game every day of the tournament.  Requesting specific games times reduces our scheduling flexibility and impacts all other participating teams schedules.  All teams must be prepared to play at the earliest and latest scheduled game time.  Crabtown and Country & Western games start around 7am or 8am on first day and end around 6pm-7pm on the last day.  Capital Showdown starts around 1pm on first day and ends around 7pm on last day.

Teams are assigned to a hotel on a first come first serve basis so until you receive your tournament guide please do not contact the hotel directly. The tournament guides are issued 3-4 weeks prior to the event leaving you ample time to confirm or adjust your room requests.

We attract teams from several leagues so even our local teams get an out of town experience. We try to limit the number of teams from the same league and do our best to not pair those teams up for regular tournament games.  We cannot control placement for quarter, semi-finals, and finals.

Each rink has a registration table where players sign in before their first tournament game.  This only applies to U10-U16, U8 are not required to sign in.  Managers will complete the game sheet using pre-printed labels (for white, pink, and yellow sheet) or hand write players and coaches.

We highly recommend teams participate in the Showdown Olympic as this is the highlight of the tournament and a most unforgettable event.  While we recommend this event, teams are not required to participate.  If your entire team is not available you can participate, just contact us.  The Showdown Olympics occur in the evening, ranging from 5pm-10pm, of the first and second day of tournament.  Your team will be assigned to participate one of those days.

There are two session for the Showdown Olympics, including the Skills Competitions and Showdown Relay.  For the Skills Competition session you cannot double up players, they can only do one event.  If you do not have enough players to do all skills competitions realign your players so each event is covered and tournament staff will work with your team accordingly.

Similar to the Showdown Olympics this is optional event.  If you need assistance in purchasing pins or other giveaways (e.g. pucks, patches) contact us or Adam Gustafson from Mission Awards.

Tournament officials will be assigned to score keep each game.  Teams should designate one person to work the penalty box for each tournament game.

Any game misconduct is official and tournament director cannot override the referee decision.  Player receiving game misconduct must sit out next tournament or league game.