Twas the night before the Showdown, in Nashville’s embrace,

Where country and hockey, find their place.

Seventy teams, with youthful delight,

From sixteen states, gathered under the night.


In Smashville they gather, where guitars heartily strum,

In anticipation of the 33rd Country & Western Tournament to come.

With skates on their feet and dreams in their eyes,

They prepare for the games ‘neath southern skies.

the text of the hockey poem: for the Country & Western Showdown Tournament youth hockey tournament in Nashville, TN


In the midst of it all, where excitement brews,

Hockey’s Showdown Skills Event, where talents infuse,

On ice they showcase, their finesse and might,

In Ford’s Ice Centers Antioch and Bellevue , under starry night.


Amidst the cheers and the pin trading spree,

In memories made, for all to see,

Symbols exchanged, to commemorate,

The spirit of the tournament, they celebrate.

The city of music, where dreams take flight,

Awaits the young players on this magical night.

From hockey by day to country by night,

Players blend their passions under Nashville’s moonlight.


In Nashville’s warmth, shooting the breeze,

Where hockey and country blend with ease,

By the Parthenon’s grace, under the night sky,

In the Centennial Sportsplex’s embrace, dreams fly high.


Besides the Grand Ole Opry, where legends sing,

And the Hall of Fame’s glory, memories bring,

They find their rhythm and their groove,

As they dance to the rhythm, skates on the move.


‘Tis the eve of the showdown, a magical sight,

In Nashville, where dreams take flight.

Tomorrow they’ll be tested on ice so true,

But tonight, they’re all stars, in the city’s view.


So let the stars twinkle, let the country bands play,

In Nashville, where magic holds sway.

For in the heart of Music City, hockey dreams stand tall,

On the night before the 33rd Country & Western Showdown Hockey Tournament’s call.


We hope you have an awesome hockey tournament season!

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