In the youth hockey world, there’s a special breed of heroes: Hockey Moms. These incredible individuals embody dedication, passion, and support for their children’s journey to the ice. As a hockey mom, you’re not just a spectator; you’re the heartbeat of your child’s hockey experience – their biggest fan, mentor, and driving force. 

Whether you are a seasoned Hockey Mom or just getting started as a first-year Hockey Mom, we celebrate the invaluable role you play and delve into six keys to help you excel.

  1. Celebrate Support: Your presence in the stands isn’t just about cheering for goals; it’s about being a pillar of support. 
    • Attend as many games and practices as you can
      1. Practices become less necessary as your player ages, but open conversations about practices are going to continue
    • Offer enthusiastic encouragement from the sidelines and at home
      1. Be your kid’s biggest fan but don’t overdo it in the stands
    • Let your child feel your belief in their abilities, foster their confidence and determination
      1. Be sure to approach it from a supportive role, it’s ok if they dream of the NHL. If they don’t believe it they will most likely not achieve it
      2. There’s no reason to dash their dreams. How many dreams really do come true…
  2. Prioritize Fun and Growth: While victories are exhilarating, the true essence of hockey lies in the joy of the game and personal development. 
    • Encourage your child to revel in the experience
    • Focus on skill enhancement and teamwork rather than solely fixating on winning- how is your kid developing, what are they doing to be a team player…
  3. Champion Sportsmanship: In the heat of competition, integrity and respect are paramount. Instill in your child the values of sportsmanship –
    • Teach them to honor opponents, referees, and the game itself, no matter the outcome 
    • Emphasize that the greatest victory is in playing with dignity and honor
    • Teach them to hold their head high in the handshake line, not to be a sore winner or loser
  4. Be a Part of the Action: Dive into your child’s hockey journey with active participation. 
    • Attend team meetings
    • Stay in communication with coaches
    • Offer your assistance in organizing team activities that work with your family’s schedule

By being actively involved, you create a supportive community that enhances your child’s experience.

5. Exemplify Role Modeling: As a hockey mom, you’re more than just a supporter; you’re a beacon of guidance. 

    • Demonstrate the virtues of respect, positivity, and perseverance in your interactions with coaches, officials, and fellow parents
    • Let your actions inspire your child to emulate qualities of hard work, resilience, and teamwork
    • If you are yelling, what example are you setting for your kid in hockey?

6. Nurture Healthy Habits: Fuel your child’s hockey endeavors with the foundation of health and wellness. 

    • Ensure they get ample rest, stay hydrated, and maintain a nutritious diet to optimize their performance and prevent injuries
    • Teach them the importance of listening to their bodies and prioritizing self-care
  • ***Bonus Tip*** is Nurture your Healthy Habits as a Hockey Mom

Your actions speak louder than words…

Cheering as a good sport is fine but, know your kid. Are they embarrassed by your hockey spirit? 

In essence, being a Hockey Mom isn’t just about driving to games or washing jerseys; it’s about fostering an environment where your child can thrive both on and off the ice. By embodying the pillars of support, growth, sportsmanship, engagement, role modeling, and health, you empower your child to embrace the journey of hockey with joy, resilience, and lifelong lessons. Together, we celebrate the unsung heroes of the hockey world – the extraordinary Hockey Moms.

We’d love to hear your key tips and takeaways from our top six. Please comment on this blog, and share it with the Hockey Moms in your life. We hope hockey makes your family larger with the entire hockey community. My father-in-law always said, “With Hockey you always have Friends.”

Whether this will be your first year or you are sending your child off to play college hockey, these tips are helpful ways to build your relationship with your child through the game of hockey.

We hope you have an awesome hockey season!

From one Hockey Mom to another, I’ve supported my hockey player from Learn-to-Skate through high school, college and adult league. Please reach out if you would like me to expand on any of these tips. If you ever question yourself, please remember the ultimate goal is for your child to love hockey enough to want to play when they are finished with all the tiers and hoops, as an adult. Hockey can be a great experience for your child and yourself. 

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