On this day of gratitude, our hockey family comes together to express our deepest thanks to the heart and soul of youth hockey, our hockey community. Today, we give thanks to the incredible individuals who make our hockey journey an unforgettable and exciting experience.

To our dedicated coaches, who pour their passion and knowledge into shaping our players both on and off the ice, thank you for being the guiding lights of our hockey family. Your commitment to developing not just hockey players but well-rounded people is truly appreciated.

A heartfelt shout-out to our team managers, the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Your tireless efforts, organizational skills, and boundless enthusiasm keep the teams running smoothly. Without your dedication, the magic of our hockey seasons would not be possible.

To the referees, who navigate the fast-paced and intense moments on the ice with fairness and integrity, thank you for ensuring the spirit of the game is upheld. Your role is crucial, and we appreciate the challenges you face. We highly recommend remembering to thank the officials at every game played.

Our gratitude extends to the hockey rinks and staff who create vibrant arenas where dreams are born, victories celebrated, and lifelong friendships forged. We couldn’t host hockey tournaments without you and your staff. Your hard work and commitment to maintaining these spaces make them a second home for our hockey family and yours.

A special thank you to the local pro shops, where our tournament players gear up for each season. You welcome the deluge of tournament players and their families throughout our tournaments. Your expertise and support contribute to the success of our hockey players and the joy of the game.

Let’s not forget the rink snack bars, the heartbeat of our hockey gatherings throughout the three-day tournaments. From hot chocolate on chilly game days to post-victory treats, your offerings fuel the spirit of camaraderie that defines our hockey family.

A special appreciation to our tournament scorekeepers, volunteers, vendors, and helpers who ensure the seamless execution of our tournaments. Your dedication allows us to provide some of the most fun and exciting youth hockey tournaments around. We are grateful for the time and effort you invest in making our tournaments memorable.

And last but certainly not least, a heartfelt thank you to the hockey parents and families.

The hockey siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Your support, from early-morning practices to late-night games, creates the foundation for our players’ success. Together, we form a community that celebrates each other’s triumphs and supports one another through the challenges.

My father always said, “With hockey, you will always have friends.” The hockey family includes our relatives but also our teammates and neighbors. With all the time we spend together through a hockey season, we develop lasting friendships.

If you are a former player who has participated in one of our tournaments, or many of our tournaments, please know we are thinking of you and thankful you have become part of our Showdown Tournament Hockey Family. If you are just learning of us, or a retired youth hockey player, reach out and say hello. We’d love to keep growing our hockey community.

As we gather around our tables today, reflect on the bonds we’ve formed, the lessons we’ve learned, and the joy that hockey brings into our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to our extended hockey family – may your day be filled with cheer, warmth, gratitude, and the love of the game!

?? Happy Thanksgiving! ??

?Yours in Hockey

Brian & Whitney Harrington

We hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving and hockey tournament season!

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