In the quiet of night, before the puck takes flight,

In the realm of dreams, where hopes ignite,

The 15th Capital Showdown waits in sight,

Hockey Poem by Showdown Tournaments written

With fervor, passion, and boundless might.


84 teams, young players in their stride,

Through the houses and hotels, whispers roam,

Across the frozen rinks, where dreams find a home,

From 32 clubs, weaving tales so wide.


In the Gardens Ice House, the spirits stir,

Bowie Ice Arena, where legends confer,

Piney Orchard Ice Arena, famed stories told,

Eac echoes skates cutting, a symphony to behold.


Ages 6 to 16, their hearts beat strong,

On the quiet eve, where they belong,

Each one a star, in their own right,

Awaiting the moment, under moonlight.


At the Skills Event, talents  and fun will be on display,

Where camaraderie shines in the grandest array,

Pin exchanging, a tradition true,

Binding teams with friends anew.


The night before, scoresheets, blank and wide,

Where fantasies dance, and ambitions glide,

Coaches strategize, with visions clear,

Players visualize, the puck drop near.


Parents hold their breath, with joyful flair,

For their hockey players, beyond compare,

In the tapestry of dreams, they find their space,

Eager to challenge, with smiles on their face.


In the flurry of play, let sportsmanship shine,

In victory or defeat, on each team’s line,

For the essence of the tournament’s embrace,

Lies hockeys’ friendship, in joy, in grace.


Enjoy the game, the laughter, the cheer,

For memories forged, year after year,

In friendship’s bond, the treasure lies,

Where moments live, beneath the skies.


The night before, a prelude to the roar,

Of cheers and chants, that will soon implore,

The ice awaits, arenas so grand,

For the Capital Showdown, across the land.


So let the stars twinkle, let the night unfold,

For tomorrow’s faceoffs, for stories untold,

In the Maryland air, with hockey’s gleam,

The night before Showdown, it’s more than a dream.

___________________________________________________________________________We hope you have an awesome hockey tournament season! 

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