General Information

Game Schedules

  • Game schedules are released 2-3 weeks prior to the tournament.  Please note that all games times in the scheduled issued to the teams are final; there is no flexibility to add game slots or move teams around after issuance of schedule.  The game schedule does consider travel distance, time gaps between games, and even distribution of morning, afternoon, and evening games.

Hotel Schedules

  • Non-local teams must stay at host hotels at the tournament group rate.  The hotel process begins about 4-6 weeks prior to the tournament.  The tournament will initiate the process by providing teams hotel choices.  Based on those choices and completed application date. The tournament will place teams into hotels.  The placement occurs about 3-4 weeks prior to the tournament.  Upon placement the team manager will speak directly with the group coordinator.  The hotel will provide confirmation numbers but will need individual credit cards to secure the room.  Please note each hotel has a different process for obtaining individual credits cards.  Also other rates cannot be negotiated and there are no complimentary rooms.

Tournament Information Package 

  • The tournament information package contains details about games, registration, team placement, hotels, tournament activities, rinks, trophies/awards, souvenirs, referees, rules, division formats, and other pertinent details.  We issue this to the team managers about 2-3 weeks prior to the tournaments.  We encourage the managers to share this information with all of the families on your teams.

Live Barn 

  • LiveBarn provides online broadcasts of hockey games at many rinks.  Games are broadcast both live and via on-demand replay.  This service allows friends and family to watch online when they cannot attend a game.  Athletes and coaches have the benefit of reviewing their games and sharing video highlights online or downloading full games for archival purposes.

Tournament Vendors 

  • Premier Event Photography
    Premier Event Photography will be taking action photos at the tournament. We try to get a great action photo of every player!
    We need your help! Please stop by our table before the game and leave us your player’s number, after your game the images will be ready for you to view.
    View our web-site to learn more about us and what we do:
    Best deal! – Your team can purchase all your games, images and download all the images in their full original size directly from our new server. (With your team download purchase all posters, and wall stickers are 50% off for your team) We also offer traditional photo sizes wallets ,5×7 ,8×10 etc.
    For any questions email us at, or call us direct 716-704-0607
  • Mission Awards
    Showdown Tournaments partners with Mission Awards to custom-design all lapel pins, trophies, banners and other awards for its tournament series. We are extending services to participating teams, to design and supply: lapel pins, pucks, and other memorabilia with your logo for Showdown Tournament’s Pin Exchange Event. Mission Awards is a National awards company providing custom products to events across the United States, Canada, Africa and Europe. We specialize in custom products including: trophies, medallions and ribbons, lapel pins, lanyards, patches, bagtags, plaques, and many other products that you can put your logo on. As we like to say, “Our mission is your satisfaction”.
    You can contact me, Adam Gustafson, at or 866-396-5481 to place an order for your tournament event. Please allow 4-6 weeks to design and deliver your order. Visit our website to learn more at